Are You Facing the Grind of Bruxism?

Posted on: January 2, 2019

Wondering how to deal with your bruxism diagnosis? If you have been recently diagnosed with bruxism, then understanding more about this movement disorder is highly recommended. Bruxism is the official term used when someone grinds or clenches their teeth, which can lead to all types of oral problems. The amount of damage, which can range from minimal to extreme, depends on the specific causes particular to each case. If you currently grind or clench your teeth and are beginning to notice a change in your mouth, finding a solution to your bruxism as soon as possible is necessary.

Why would someone be diagnosed with bruxism?

There are many reasons that would warrant a bruxism diagnosis because each and every person has unique reasons for grinding or clenching teeth. Some of the more common reasons associated with a bruxism diagnosis include feeling out of control, experiencing anger or frustration, undergoing a great deal of stress, not sleeping well throughout the night and living with a bad bite because the upper and lower teeth are not properly aligned. 

What bruxism can do to one’s oral health

Because bruxism involves the grinding and clenching of teeth it can lead to one experiencing a number of negative oral health issues. These include, but are not limited to, flattened teeth, fractured teeth, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, worn-down teeth, jaw tightness or soreness and an overall feeling of soreness in the mouth area.

Popular treatment options for bruxism

Some of the more popular treatment options for those with bruxism include wearing a custom-made mouthguard,  learning beneficial techniques for managing one’s feelings when dealing with everyday life, undergoing behavior therapy, taking prescribed medications that can relax the mouth and jaw, getting Botox injections for a deeper amount of relaxation and undergoing corrective dental surgery in order to realign the jaw.

Can anyone be diagnosed with bruxism?

Yes. Know that while it is more common for an adult to be diagnosed with bruxism, a child can also develop bruxism. Adults tend to require some form of treatment to stop their grinding and clenching. In children, bruxism tends to go away on its own in a short amount of time.


Hopefully, the above information about bruxism will help you when you are facing the daily grind of living with bruxism. If you only grind or clench your teeth occasionally, then it is likely that you will not experience a lot of negative oral effects. But if you grind or clench your teeth on a regular basis and/or grind or clench in a severe manner, then it is only a matter of time before you start to experience one or more negative oral effects. It does not matter whether you grind or clench during the day or night; any grinding or clenching has the potential to damage the teeth or gums.

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