Dental Implants and Your Health

Posted on: March 5, 2019

Dental Implants Decatur, AL

Improving your health is something that you should focus on as much as possible. There is always room for improvement and that applies to dental health too. Thankfully, appliances such as dental implants exist which can significantly help turn your dental and oral health around.

Dental implants are still rather new to the dental industry but they are providing people with great benefits that can help improve oral and dental health. Having dental implants can be an involved process but the wait is well worth it.

Read more in this article as we go over dental implants and your health. Being aware of what they are and how they affect your health can be helpful, especially if you’re considering having them placed.

Dental implants

What are they?

Dental implants are extremely small surgical pieces that are placed in order to achieve restoration or replacement. They are interfaced with a person’s jawbone so that they can support an artificial tooth that will be placed later. Dental implants are shaped like small screws and they act as a replacement to the entire structure of a tooth, roots included.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are placed within a person’s mouth in surgery. After surgery, there is a significant period of time where a person will rest, recover and allow the implants to bond with the bone. This part of the process takes the longest but the benefits will be worth it.

After the bonding has taken place, the dentist will go back and place and attach an artificial tooth such as a dental crown or implant-supported dentures. The artificial tooth will then be secured so that the appliance is permanent.

Once secured and placed properly, a person can begin to get back into their normal habits again such as eating naturally and smiling confidently. The implant and artificial tooth combined will allow for restoration that may not even look artificial to the eye.

Dental implants and your health

While a lot of people do worry about the safety of different dental appliances, when it comes to implants, they don’t have much to be concerned about. Dental implants are made of titanium which is actually biocompatible, meaning that the body is very unlikely to reject it because the material is natural.

People that are in poor shape regarding their dental and oral health are likely to benefit from dental implants. Having a missing tooth or tooth that is severely decayed is harmful to one’s oral and dental health. Infections are likely to form or difficulty with hygiene may occur. But, having this beneficial appliance placed will allow for a person to get back into good oral and dental health.

Maintaining oral and dental health is important in order to have good overall health. With the help of dental implants, a person is surely going to be able to improve their health. Dental implants offer restoration to those in need.

Talk with a dentist today so that they can help you get back to eating naturally and smiling confidently again. Give us a call or stop by if we didn’t answer your questions in this article. We would be happy to help you!

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