Tips for Getting Accustomed to Your New Dentures

Posted on: June 15, 2018

DenturesThe placement of dentures in the mouth is no small matter. Dentures alter the way in which eating and talking occur. However, once the initial couple of weeks pass, using dentures becomes second nature. Here is a look at some helpful tips to make the transition period that much easier.

Patience pays off

It generally takes about a full month to get completely used to the feel of dentures in the mouth. Using dentures is somewhat challenging during this period of time. The challenge is that much greater when eating and talking. However, once the initial weeks pass and a learning curve develops, do not hesitate to eat or speak with dentures in the mouth. Be persistent and expect some minimal soreness in the first couple weeks, especially those who have had teeth extracted.

Enjoy a graceful transition to dentures

The gums will likely feel a bit sore following the teeth extraction. If there is inflammation, give the gums some time to heal. Refrain from eating anything but soft foods in the first couple weeks. Foods like mashed potatoes or cauliflower, refried beans, flavored gelatins and puddings are ideal for the first few days. These soft foods are light on the gums. Soft food really does make it that much easier adjusting to the feel of the dentures.

Follow the dentist’s advice and the transition to dentures is much easier. As an example, many dentists advise rinsing dentures with warm saltwater across the initial two weeks. Follow this advice down to the last detail and the challenge of growing comfortable with new dentures is that much easier.

Accept the fact that denture adjustments might be necessary

The gums pass through a healing stage following the extraction of all remaining teeth. The fit of the dentures might alter during this healing period. Meet with the dentist as necessary during this period of time to pinpoint the optimal course of treatment. In some instances, the dentures must be adjusted several times for the optimal fit. For those wearing a full plate or have had teeth extractions, adjustment times are about as long.

However, once two weeks pass, the vast majority of those who wear dentures are able to talk and eat without hindrance. Denture adhesives are usable at this point in time to improve comfort. Adhesives ensure the dentures stay in place when eating and also boosts confidence for talking, eating and socializing.

Eat carefully after the new dentures are in place

There are several ways to make the adjustment period easier following the addition of dentures. Take the time to cut food into small pieces that are that much easier to chew. Eat slowly and take your time. You will find the chewing process is not difficult. Also, chewing on each side of your mouth balances out the biting force. Stick with it, make the commitment and it will not be long until eating with dentures feels completely normal.

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