Why Get Veneers for Teeth?

Posted on: August 16, 2018


Veneers for teeth are one of the popular options when it comes to creating perfect smiles. These dental devices are used to restore the condition of a person's smile instantly.

A veneer is a thin, tooth-colored shell that is used to cover the front of a tooth. This is done to hide any flaws and imperfections on the tooth. Veneers are often made from porcelain, ceramics and composite resins. Ceramics and porcelain are most commonly used since these two materials are resistant to stains.

Veneers are used to fix a variety of dental issues like broken, discolored, chipped or disfigured teeth. Veneers can be used to restore the appearance of a single tooth or an entire set of front teeth. That is the most common way veneers are used.

The different types of veneers for teeth

As was mentioned above, veneers are often made out of ceramics or porcelain. Traditional veneers often require more prep work when being installed, compared to other alternatives like no-prep veneers.

During the installation of traditional veneers, the dentist takes off a small portion of enamel to make room for the device. This is done to ensure a natural fit when the veneers are applied, and prevent the tooth from looking larger than normal.

Once the enamel is removed from a tooth, it will always need to be protected by a dental prosthetic like a veneer or crown. This is not the case for no-prep veneers. These devices are thinner than regular veneers, and there is no need to remove any enamel before their installation. Furthermore, the patient is not obligated to wear veneers or some other dental prosthetic for life since their teeth enamel remains intact.

Some no-prep veneers do require the removal of very minute portions of enamel, but this is nothing compared to what goes on with traditional veneers.

It should be noted that veneers only cover the front of a tooth. These devices are completely different from crowns, which completely cover the tooth and protect it. Stains and discoloration on other parts of the teeth are not covered up by veneers.

Benefits of getting veneers for teeth

One of the main benefits people enjoy when they get veneers is the immediate restoration of the person's smile. Even those with the worst cosmetic issues can end up with perfect smiles thanks to veneers. Issues veneers are commonly used to address include:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Small and odd-shaped teeth

Veneers are designed to last up to 15 years with good oral hygiene. That makes it a long-term solution for those who are unhappy with their current smiles.

Here's how to get started with veneers

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